Action Eldorado  

 Mission Statement

Action Eldorado (AE) consists of a group of lot owners who are members in good standing in the Eldorado community. This group strives to preserve the integrity of our Protective Covenants and rules of good governance. We publicize legitimate concerns which may affect the well being of our community.

What we do

Action Eldorado will maintain a presence in the community by monitoring issues which may be of concern to Eldorado residents. With input from residents, the AE Steering Committee will be able to identify topics that merit the attention of the ECIA Board and present those issues to them.

Most of the previous Action Eldorado web site had been devoted to the protection of our Covenants and the "Hens as Pets" issue. With the dispute now in the hands of the courts, we believe the time has arrived for us to stand back and look at the bigger picture.

Much of the community divisiveness that took place in 2012 resulted from decisions made by the ECIA Board. That Board has now been almost entirely replaced and the new Board is demonstrating a level of fiduciary responsibility and attention to serious community business which we applaud.

Email us at letting us know of serious concerns you may have. We believe that by working together we can help maintain the quality of life set forth in the ECIA governing documents.

Action Eldorado invites Eldorado homeowners who want to be informed or who wish to share their expertise with our community of members, please use the "Contact Us" form on this website.

We encourage lot owners to use the ECIA information shown below as a resource. Be informed and involved. Periodically check the ECIA web site to keep current on what your Board and Committees are working toward and issues they are addressing. Board meetings/minutes are listed on their web site as well as timely information in the monthly VISTAS newsletter.

ECIA web site:

Board of Directors:

Dag Ryen, President - term expires May 2017

Pam Henline, Vice President - term expires May 2017

Todd Handy, Treasurer - term expires May 2016

Gershon Siegel, Secretary - term expires May 2015

Jeanne Calzada, Director - term expires May 2017

Greg Colello, Director - term expires May 2015

David Yard, Director term expires May 2016


General Manager: Vacancy to be filled

Compliance Officer: Mark Young

ECIA Office Telephone Number: 466-4248